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Braun MQ505 Multiquick Hand Blender Review

Braun MQ505 Multiquick Hand Blender ReviewBraun MQ505 Multiquick Hand Blender Review breaks through your culinary tasks with aninnovative device to whisk, mix, puree, and comminute. The precision piece of equipment engineered with a balanced motor offers long-lasting efficiency, durability, and fadeless power.

It comes with multiple attachments for better versatility to broaden your cuisine horizons. A lightweight and ergonomic design improves flexibility. A durable stainless steel blade and blending shaft with a bell-like shape will churn out the most excellent and rapid results.

You can now breeze through whisking the whips, stirring eggs, cream, sauces and more with a variable speed motor. The latest product line pushes back the boundaries of industrial design with high gloss black accents, stainless steel shaft and minimal buttons.

Braun MQ505 Multiquick Hand Blender Review – 5 Main Features

1. High-Efficiency Motor

A revved up and German-engineered 350 Watt motor goes like stink for high-precision results. It’s powerful enough to zap through all your mixing needs. The motor unit reduces friction, heat dissipation, power loss and wear for long-lasting durability.

Conventional tools often fall prey to excessive friction and heat leading to noise, vibration, premature failure, and downtimes. The high-precision and evenly-balanced mill generates plenty of power without getting battered. It boasts two variable speeds easily adjustable with intuitive buttons located on the handle.

The second higher speed or Turbo Boost refers to the highest setting to easily intermix extra-thick shakes, smoothies and mashed potatoes.

2. Patented PowerBell Head

Savor new flavors and textures with the PowerBell System engineered for faster and more excellent results. Undoubtedly, the power-bell head design is the cherry on the cake. The exclusive bell-shaped shaft makes it an anti-suction tool so you can move the blender in the container quickly.

For smooth blending or comminuting results, a reciprocating motion enables all food materials to reach the bite of the cutter blade. The head configuration virtually eliminates the suction force allowing you to move it around freely.

It also helps to diminish splatter that arises when blending thinner mixtures. Forget the chaos caused by other stick mixers with an inadvertent flick of your wrist during use.

3. Slip-Proof Ergonomic-Grip

The slip-resistant grip of the Braun MultiQuick Stick Mixer throws “comfort” food to refreshingly new heights. It helps stabilize the tool during use for more efficient operation. During the mixing and comminuting operations, other blenders rage out of control leading to awkward movements.

The unit’s hand-grip conforms to your hands for easy control and better maneuverability. The ergonomically-steeped handle permits you to move the blender with improved control for more consistent results.

You can grasp in a naturally comfortable position snugly accommodating the palm of your hand. An ergonomically-optimized grip developed to fit your hand comfortably with a non-slip soft-touch coating.

4. Premium Build

The MQ505 comes with durable stainless steel blades for superior durability and peak performance. The smash hit takes the catbird seat as the most striking in its tier. The matte black soft grip handle interspersed with glossy black accents and stainless steel shaft create a sleek profile.

Despite the robust sturdiness of the construction, it feels a bit lighter than its actual weight. The super-light and ergonomic design offers superior flexibility.

It’s compact to wedge in a drawer and save chunks of space. The motor assembly diminishes noise and vibrations for those sensitive to noise. Dishwasher-safe attachments removable in a flick of a switch make cleaning a breeze.

5. Multiple Attachments

The Braun offers better versatility with its variety of attachments for increasing the creative chops. The device allows you to whisk, mix, chop, and pulverize ingredients in the pot. A 20-oz BPA-free beaker and a stainless steel whisk attachments as well as other accessories help you cut, crush ice, process food, and mash.

The accessories will handle whisking, blending, pureeing, comminuting, and much more. An EasyClick feature plays an instrumental role in making thicker mixtures like cakes and cookie batter.

Attachments within easy reach allow you to snap a new one into place and get going. Optional accessories give you the latitude to broaden your chops’ creativity horizons.

Why Should You Use Braun MQ505 Multiquick Hand Blender?

1. Powerful Germanic Motor

The high-precision, German-engineered motor evenly balanced for power renders long-lasting durability. The motor unit shielded against heat, friction, and vibrations inhibit premature failure. The engine will never conk out as you whisk or beat ingredients with its fadeless power.

2. Non-Slip Grip

Now you can chop veggies, blend or puree your desired soups and sauces in the pot without awkwardness and difficulty. The slip-proof, ergonomic grip promotes a natural position for optimal comfort. Reclaim control with Braun of your ingredients for the most excellent results to give your food improved flavor.

3. PowerBell System

Blend quick as a flash for more excellent results with the proprietary PowerBell system. It intermingles ingredients at high-speeds, inhibits suction and splashing. Pureed mixtures remain where they belong in the mixing bowl or beaker to avoid creating messes on the countertop.

4. Multiple Attachments

Whether you want to chop, puree beat, or mash, Braun includes an attachment to do the trick. An EasyClick feature allows you to change the whisk fast for thicker mixtures like cakes and cookie batter. It’s located within easy reach to snap into place quickly without groping aimlessly.

5. Multipurpose Design

The stick mixer whisks your ingredients effortlessly. Braun will breeze you along whipping, stirring, and beating eggs, fluffy dessert, and cream with variable speeds. It offers superior versatility for adding new piquancy to your treats. The whisk attachment means you can add more chops.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many accessories does it come with?

Stainless steel blending blade and shaft Stainless steel whisk attachment 20 fl. oz./600 ml plastic beaker.

  1. Can you blend hot soups or liquids directly on the stove?

Yes, it’s lighter to float the head and whisk with ease.

  1. What’s the “EasyClick” all about?

This unique feature allows you to pop off the head with a single press to interchange accessories on the fly.

  1. Will the handle slip as you move the blender?

Nope! The soft-grip handle has an ergonomic design.

  1. How does it perform with ultra-thin ingredients? Does it create messes?

Users report the head design prevents suction and splatter.

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