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Immersion Blender Vs Hand Mixer

The ever-increasing activities of our time don’t allow for slow food processing as it constitutes stress and fatigue. However, the invention of modern food processors with the likes of the immersion hand blender and hand mixer has helped to hasten food processing. Food smoothening, chopping, pureeing can now be done easily by the immersion hand blender vs hand mixer.

Of course, these two are separate units. However, these kitchen types of equipment are both designed with variable speed and electrically driven. Notwithstanding, it should be noted that the immerse hand blender and the hand mixer can be found to be either corded or cordless (battery powered).

I guess you might to now ask if they are related or not. Of course, they are related with minute features differentiating the two.

The evidential differences that we can layout are that during the use of the hand mixer, we found out that it can mix and aerate mixtures while the immerse hand blender cannot but grinds them.

Also, we found out that the immerse hand blender uses a cutting motion mechanism which differs from the paddling motion mechanism of the hand mixer. Therefore, it is evident that mixing a cake with an immerse hand blender would result to over- mixing of the batter and making a tough rubbery product.

It should also be noteworthy that when it comes to the effectiveness of the two machines, the immerse hand blender seems to take the lead, you know why? This is because they require more wattage in propelling/revving their motor than the former.

Of course, in spite of their discrepancies, you definitely can’t get it wrong with the use of either of these two products only if the right equipment is used for the right task. Nevertheless, another notable feature to look out for in the two is that they are lightweights. That means, using them would definitely not be a hassle.

Of course, there are more to this information. Get the full information below.

8 Things to Consider about Immersion Hand Blender Vs Hand Mixer:

1. Ergonomics

This is the ability a product possesses to stand upright without any assistance except the stationary body it’s lying upon. In this context, the immersion hand blender has a better ergonomic structure than the former.

The latter, hand blender, is basically designed to save spaces while working in a clumsy environment. Of course, this makes it very useful in preventing splattering of the substances and also makes your work easier, how?

You can fully control the handling and the placing of the tool with ease. Unlike hand mixers that have to continuously be held until you are done with its use. In a nutshell, the hand blender can be used more comfortably be used with the help of its ergonomic structure than the hand mixer.

2. Hand Mixer

  • They are lightweight.
  • They aerate mixtures, thereby making mixes durable and edible.
  • They have variable speed and are gear driven.
  • They can be used to knead and make products strong.
  • They give smooth batters for cakes, paste and even dough.
  • The control increases with the speed.
  • They can be used for pureeing and smoothening of ingredients.

  • They cannot be used for commercial mixing

3. Hand Blender

  • They often come with packages such as beakers, whisks, masher attachments.
  • They may or may not have variable speeds.
  • It can be used for making cheese, salsa, pancake, mayo, breaking ice, and stirring of soup.
  • They are highly dependable for effective use.
  • They are mostly made of stainless steel for long-term use.
  • Most of them are dishwashers.
  • They use power bell technology for their blades.
  • They either can be found corded or cordless

  • They have more power than any other electric-driven kitchen accessory of the same class.
  • It can only be used when you’re preparing a small quantity of food.

4. Performance

i) Hand Blenders

These are highly unique when it comes to their hi-tech performance. Of course, they mostly come with packages which make them highly relevant in quick preparations of food in the kitchen.

They are driven by electrical power to cause the attached components functioning. Their power can be initiated successfully, depending on how the manufacturer instructed.

Then the unit has to be immersed into the food immediately the power is on, the blender has to be positioned in 45 degrees with the body of the unit resting on the edge of the container. After, the unit has to be continually raised up and down consecutively until the food becomes thick or reaches the goal of the user.

ii) Hand Mixer

This also comes with attachments that make it superb for mixing, pureeing of soup, whipping of cream and egg, and mashing. However, it cannot be used for mayonnaise or blending of carrots.

Nevertheless, the best way to use it is to study the instruction provided on the instruction book. In other words, the manual that comes along with the purchase of a product elaborate more the peculiarity of the best way to use the kitchen accessory.

5. Cleaning

The two power tool possess the same cleaning procedures. There is absolutely no difference between the two when it comes to cleaning them.

Of course, one can use soapy water and a clean cloth to wash the attachment first (they must be detached from their motor before washing them).

Just like any other power tool, water is not allowed to touch their motors. But rather, stains on them are allowed to be wiped off.

6. Costs

When it comes to their price differences then hand mixers are cheaper though the margin between them is not terrifically wide. However, you can later come to find out that a product is costlier than another of the same category.

This is because of the packages that come with the pricey ones. The pricey once normally come with large numbers of packages than the less costly ones. Sometimes it can be the quality of materials that are used for the product.

Of course, each of their respective manufacturers also determines the price tag of the product that they released to the marketplace.

7. Versatility

The immersion hand blenders are more versatile than the hand mixer. In fact, immersion hand blenders have a large revolution force that they can be used to execute difficult tasks within a short period of time.

They can be used for grinding, smoothening, pureeing, chopping, and so on. However, hand mixer, on the other hand, can be used for mixing, whipping and pureeing of substances.

8. Storage

The truth is that this depends on the product that a buyer is purchasing. Of course, both units constitute almost the same features such as variable speed, rotational movement, a handle, lightweight and so on.

Yet, manufacturers determine the number of packages that accompany each model and the size of each model. So, that’s why it’s advisable for buyers to know the size of the available space in their pantry before opting for one.

Final Verdict

This information has obviously cleared all doubts and perplexity that users might be encountering in purchasing the any of the two. The writer listed different aspect where the benefits of one surpass the other.

Of course, potential buyers can utilize this information and decide which of the unit is best for him/her. The article is comprehensive and straight-forward. It’s highly recommended for users to make use of.

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